Frequently asked questions


Q. What is an Immersions?

A. Defined, an immersion is: the act of immersion or the state of being immersion, such as: 1 (adj) instruction based on extensive exposure to surroundings or conditions that are native or pertinent to the object of study & 2 (adj) concentrating on one course of instruction, subject, or project to the exclusion of all others for several days or weeks; intensive.

We use the word immersion as a way to define the amount of presence and time you will spend focusing on the areas of study we provide within our services.

Q. How do i sign up for a Public immersion?

A.  First, choose which immersion you believe is best for you! At the bottom of that page there is a button that says “YES, PLEASE!”. Click on that button, fill out the form, and hit submit. Once we receive your request, we will send you more information specific to the immersion you chose and follow-up with a phone call to answer any other questions you may have. Once you decide you’re in, and solidify dates (if applicable), you will fill out our waiver and attendee info form and submit your deposit. You will then receive an information packet and any follow-up calls necessary to make sure you are prepared!


Q. What is ocean therapy?

A.  Ocean therapy is a natural form of therapy used by harnessing the energy of the ocean through water sports as a sort of medium for releasing traumas, feeling connected to something larger than yourself, spiritually, and overcoming deep woven fears. Ocean therapy assists with healing PTS, neurological and physical disabilities, mental health. The storms and chaos off in the distance that create the beautiful waves that roll onto the coast lines is like a metaphor for the inner healing work that can be experienced while using the pull of the ocean’s power. Just as the ocean flows, when we add in a Watersport that connects us to this energy, we enter a ‘flow state’ which has been proven to be as powerful as a meditation, due to the increase in serotonin and neurochemicals in the brain. A bad day on the water is still the best day ever!


Q. Do i need to have experience with yoga to go on an immersion?

A.  ABSOLUTELY NOT! All classes and teachings will be from introductory - advanced with modifications and support in between. There is no need to feel intimidated by this practice. The idea behind a yoga practice is to always come in with a beginners mind, to remain curious while exploring the sensations and thoughts that arise during your practice. If you have zero experience with yoga, you will be in good hands. Our teachers have been trained to create a safe and welcoming space for all humans to learn the sacred practice of yoga.


Q. Do i need to have experience with water sports to go on an immersion?

A.  We do not require that you have experience with water sports, however being comfortable in the water and having a general knowledge of swimming is mandatory. You will be supported and guided to overcome deeper fears and traumas while using the ocean/water to help heal. We have an experienced and highly trained team (all ocean rescue certified) that will teach and train you in the water sports you will be participating in, however we can not be responsible for you at all times and therefore it is important you are able to find peace and independence while in the water.


Q. How many immersions do you offer a year?

A. Currently, we offer as many 3-day Immersions that we can fit into our summer schedule in the Columbia River Gorge, as well as an open number to Coconut Bay, St. Lucia. We only offer ONE 7-day Immersion to the public (15 attendees), per year. Our goal is to be able to offer THREE-FOUR 10-day Combat Veteran Immersions (15 attendees at each), per year, and we are always working to bring in more funding and support in order to do so.


Q. How can i volunteer for a Bts Foundation immersion or event?

A. Click on the Volunteer link, above or below, fill out the form and hit submit! We are always looking for more volunteers to help us fundraise, organize local events, and create more awareness and hype around the work we are doing. This is a community focused non-profit. All are welcome to volunteer!