10 day combat veteran immersion


If you are a combat veteran who has been diagnosed with PTS and /or TBI, please read this next sentence carefully. THIS is why Beneath the Surface Foundation was created; to gift you with an opportunity to restore your sense of self through whole-person, alternative healing modalities and a community of brothers and sisters. These immersions are designed to match intensity with intensity. We will be exposing you, in a healthy way, to the ‘extreme’ versions of these skills/sports in order to parallel the internal magnitude of adrenaline that was present during combat.


Yoga & Ocean therapy

By surrendering, and opening to the ocean’s maternal energy, burdens and traumas become completely weightless. The interweaving of yogic philosophy and asana (physical practice) provides a newfound trust of the self and others. The location and security of the immersion is a safe space to be open to heal, shed traumas, tune inward, and harmoniously engage with nature and one another.



Spend 10 days with 15 brothers and sisters who will quickly become your greatest support team, while immersing in a lifestyle you can recreate in your every day life. Learn new skills, heal the trauma and pain you experience from combat, explore new modalities that assist in healing, spend time developing self awareness, and reignite your love for life through mindfulness activities and adult learning. 


Location: TBD

2020 Dates: TBD


  • Vinyasa & Yin yoga

  • Awareness & mindfulness training

  • Professional seminars/workshops

  • Breath work & mediation

  • Kiting fundamentals

  • Surfing, free diving & swimming

  • Local beach cleanup

  • Thai massage

  • Barefoot hiking

  • Intuitive wellness workshop

  • Healthy food & drinks


  • Accommodations

  • Airfare

  • Food & drink (3 meals & fresh fruit)

  • Airport transportation

  • Watersport gear

  • BtS apparel

  • Sponsor gifts

  • Preparatory phase

  • After-care package

**ALL immersions are beginner friendly with advanced options, as well. Basic swimming abilities and comfort in the water are required.


Below is a list of requirements necessary in order to apply for this immersion. Please note, we have a long list of applicants, and just because you fit the list of requirements , this does not secure your position to go on an immersion right away. We are doing our best to acquire proper funding and support to host more retreats in the future. Thank you!

  • Combat Veteran diagnosed with PTS and/or TBI

  • Willingness to work

  • Desire to create change within self

  • Open minded

  • Committed to healing

  • Interest in yoga, meditation, and breath work

  • Interest in using the ocean’s energy to heal


If this Feels like the calling you have been waiting for, PLEASE Stick with us as we put together the most healing and epic immersion for you.

Your healing and story are so important to us. We greatly appreciate your trust in us, and we look forward to introducing you to our community.