Yoga Class

Whether you are new to yoga or a devoted practitioner, new opportunities await you with the structure and style of classes at Beneath the Surface Foundation. Every class is customized to your level of knowledge and ability and overall goals. Feel supported and safe with educated physical modifications and well-trained advanced postures.


Private & Group sessions

Experience a private yoga class tailored to specifically to you or grab your friends and build your own yoga class when and where you want. All levels and abilities welcome!

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Yoga Fundamentals

Taking the leap to learn a new skill requires courage and vulnerability. Find safety and support within these private and group sessions while developing a basic understanding of yogic philosophies. Each session combines movement, meditation, and breathwork to enhance the  overall yin-yang balance, and is specialized to fit your current lifestyle, goals, and abilities. 


  • Basic to intermediate yoga postures

  • Guided meditation support

  • Anatomical body alignment cues

  • Proper breathing techniques

  • Tools to develop a home practice

Intermediate/Advanced Yoga

Explore advanced movement patterns for optimal mobility and strength within a session that is specialized to fit your current lifestyle. Focus on the basic skill-sets required to move into more advanced postures and develop awareness around the unlimited potential of the body. Discover connection between play, movement, art, and health. 


  • One-on-one or group workshop experience

  • Arm balance variations

  • Handstand prep/play

  • Locomotion floor work

  • Advanced breath work & yoga sequencing


Session Pricing

  • Private

    • 90 minutes - $80 (includes $5 donation)

  • Group (3 -10 people)

    • 90 minutes - $150 (includes $10 donation)

  • Acro/Partner

    • 90 minutes - $100 (includes $10 donation)