Foundation Backstory

When former SOF operator (PJ), Matt (@specialomperator), left active duty in 2013 there were very few holistic ‘healing’ opportunities or programs that existed for veterans.

Choosing to take action and follow his internal compass, he moved to a small, secluded community in Hawaii and committed to facing his demons.

Studying yoga, meditation, and breathing techniques, he combined these practices with days spent in the ocean; free-diving, surfing, kiteboarding, paddling across ocean channels, allowing mother ocean to wash over him.

The combination of these powerful healing elements brought a profound sense of clarity, and reinvigorated his path and purpose.

In the years that followed, he travelled the world extensively, deepening his personal practices of yoga, mindfulness, and ocean therapy.


Simultaneously, Amanda (@alpha.tango.actual) was following her intuition and embarked on a path studying the healing arts of massage, yoga, and holistic wellness to work through her own life’s traumas, in addition to supporting others.

Her travels exposed her to the profound amount of focus on ‘healing’ in a multitude of cultures, verse the ‘bandaid’ models so prevalent in our modern culture.


She devoted her life’s work to providing a safe space for healing through these alternative practices and to educate the importance of using this work to shed our shadow selves and become our true selves.

Together, the mission of Beneath the Surface is to share these life changing practices and experiences with the veteran community.

To give those who are struggling an opportunity to heal, to connect with themselves and nature, and to learn lifelong practices to restore a path of purpose, peace, and healing.


Beneath the Surface Team