Why Kiteboarding

“I have seen the absolute darkest side of humanity. These experiences haunt me every single day. The only true solace I find is when I'm kiting. The complete mindfulness of pumping up, pinching off the struts, walking my lines out, and bringing life into my kite, calm my mind and bring me inner peace.

When I'm kiting, I feel in control of my thoughts. I leave the world's problems on the beach, and boost away from the horrors I've seen. I'm never as free as I am 30 feet in the air, or powered up on the face of a wave.

On days that I have an epic session, I lie in bed at night and close my eyes, recreating the feeling of unhooking and getting ripped off the water. My dreams are usually uneventful; not the graphic recreations of atrocities that plague humanity.

Kiting is my therapy. It's spiritual for me - the purest meditation. It allows me to channel my energy in a positive and peaceful way, encouraging me to be a better human. I wish every person on Earth could experience a good kite session. Who knows, maybe we'd all get along a little better.”


Matt (@specialomperator) submitted a story to The Kiteboarder Magazine back in 2011 about the healing elements & spiritual practice of kiting and ocean therapy.

Though the article was never published, it was shared around the world, and received a tremendous amount of feedback from other kiters who had always ‘felt’ what was written, but couldn’t put it into words.

The piece was titled “What Does It Mean To You?”, a personal journey and narrative of how a SOF veteran’s profound healing came from kiteboarding and ocean therapy.



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