Therapeutic Massage

BODYWORK - a tool for trauma

Every traumatic or dangerous situation triggers our fight-or-flight response, turning off brain processing in order to send all energy to the physical body.

The body, unable to tell the difference between the physical sensations and emotional responses to danger, stores these implicit memories within itself.

Overtime, fight-or-flight causes the brain to become incredibly sensitive, triggering these physical and/or emotional sensations through something as small as a single touch, smell, or sound.

Intentional touch through bodywork creates new pathways within the amygdala (fight-or-flight section of the brain), training the body’s response hormone to become less reactive.

Bodywork is a tool to recalibrate the physical being, transforming the need to protect, to the freedom to live, allowing space for the mental and emotional traumas to be looked at without feeling physically harmed.

Through open communication and trust, a safe space is created allowing the recipient to soften and find comfort.

Therefore, the association of physical touch is less related to harm, essentially rewiring the neuro-pathways to find therapeutic benefits.

With this, a lifetime of mental, physical, and emotional trauma can be tapped into, allowing the body and brain to find a new way to process the stored information.

With consistency, these sensations that arise will become more understood and carry less weight.

Bodywork assists the internal environment to find more balance and proper functioning.

A large part of why Amanda (alpha.tango.actual) studied massage therapy was to create a safe space for others to unravel a lifetime of emotion, trauma, and pain.

Bodywork is deeply healing.

As a true believer that bodywork can assist the healing process in a very profound way, part of her work is to educate for the greater good.

Therapeutic Massage is:

  • intentional, non-sexual, touch

  • meant to offer health benefits

  • when a therapist and client have a shared goal of achieving structural and observable changes in the body, mind, and spirit

  • physical, non-sexual, stimulation of the body’s nerve endings and musculoskeletal make-up

  • invigorating, stress-relieving, and restorative

  • a sacred space to feel safe and supported in working through your unique life’s journey

Healing touch is deeply needed in our society, and therapeutic massage is an opportunity to shift the paradigm of what that means and looks like.

Your self-care is important. Through Beneath the Surface Foundation, you can access these services. All proceeds go directly to supporting our mission, so you can rest easy in taking care of yourself, knowing, simultaneously, you are helping a struggling combat veteran.



BtS Team